OPEN DAY AT PRODUCTION SITE 20.04.2018 On the 19th of April, 2018 the Open Day at the production site was held at LLC “NON-FERROUS METALS PLANT” under the auspices of the Bakhmut Town Employment Center.  

Today the plant needs metalworkers, turners, electricians, drivers, electric and gas welders, drawers, heaters and non-ferrous metals annealers. Besides, at the enterprise there are current vacancies of manager, marketing expert and economist.

The Assistant to the General Director for Personnel and Social Affairs Sergei Trizhon told the citizens invited to LLC “ZCM” about the history of foundation and achievements of the plant in recent years. The event’s participants were informed about the production aspects and the range of products. They also were advised on the terms and the salary system, the mode of operation and the production equipment.

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