LAUNCH OF NEW PRODUCTION SITE 06.03.2018 New site of continuous extrusion and vertical casting was put into operation at LLC NON-FERROUS METALS PLANT.

2 million US dollars were invested in new equipment enabling to increase the production of copper rolled products. Thus, the range of products of LLC ZCM was enlarged by copper rods, busbars and profiles, which are made according to the CONFORM technology and widely used in electrical engineering.

The Chairman of the Donetsk Regional Civil and Military Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi, the Mayor of Bakhmut Aleksei Reva and the enterprises management attended the opening ceremony of two new production lines. The honored guests presented the Letters of gratitude to the plant workers, who assembled and installed new equipment.

Speaking to the plant workers, Pavel Zhebrivskyi noted that the opening of new site was an important event not only for LLC ZCM, but for the entire region, as the taxes paid by the enterprise were working for the development of local community.

The Mayor of Bakhmut Aleksei Reva congratulated the employees of LLC ZCM with a significant event and expressed confidence that new line would become a serious step in the further development of the enterprise and strengthening of its potential.

At the end of the event, the opening ceremonys participants inspected the new lines and production capacities of the plant.

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