On the implementation of a collective agreement in 2011

On the implementation of a collective agreement in 2011 07.02.2012 February is time to sum up the collective agreement`s implementation and the adoption of the new for 2012. Collective agreement is concluded between workers  and administration of enterprise.
The importance of this agreement is that, once adopted, it becomes one of the key documents providing socio-economic guarantee and rights of workers. Some of its points are interconnected with the Laws of Ukraine and legal documents, and it gives the right and opportunity in the emerging debate, to protect workers' rights in court.
Implementation of each contract item was not easy achieved, but thanks to the dedicated, creative and conscientious work of the team. In 2011, there were problems with the raw materials. As a consequence, there have been cases of idle smelting plant and equipment. Late delivery of materials violates the normal manufacturing process and factory units had to change the graphics output on the job and bring working people to work weekends and overtime.
As a result, the commodity output at constant prices decreased by 11% compared with 2010
If we talk about the salary fund, we can say that despite the decline in production fund has grown in comparison with 2010 up 3.8%.
It is planned to increase wages to an average in 2012
In the last year carried out rehabilitation of workers and their families.
During  past summer  388 employees had rested at the recreation center "Metallurg" in Svyatogorsk. PJSC "AZOTCM" one of the few companies in Ukraine, that maintain social infrastructure and really working the trade union. Recreation center "Metallurg" is located at picturesque places in Svyatogorye. Workers had opportunity to take their families, so 72 children also had a rest. The workers pay only 30% of the cost of the permit, and the rest pays extra cost of the plant trade.
On the territory of the recreation center has all facilities for comfortable recovery of the workers, there are children's play yard, volleyball court, billiard room, parking.
Also with the assistance of trade union this summer 124 children, the children of employees of the works, rested in four children's recreation centers.

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