AZOCM`s Library

AZOCM`s Library 14.10.2011 To provide professionals and employees with reliable information on best practices, scientific - technical progress and new equipment at the plant was created and operates the library. The works needed skilled personnel. There was necessity to establish a technical libraries - the center where the focus information on achievements in engineering, energy, national and international experience. At the root of the organization of the library was Adamova  Irina Surenovna.
Today the library has more than 18 thousand books on metallurgy, rolling and drawing, associated subjects: physics, chemistry and mathematics. More than a thousand employees are subscribers of the library.
Library of PJSC "AZOTsM" is one of the best libraries of metallurgical complex of Ukraine. It includes a catalog of "Provdn bbloteki Ukraine: Dovdnik 2006/2007" / way of life.: Drigaylo VG Shmelev . M. - K.: Bumblebee B. ., 2006. - 152. - ISBN 966966771X.

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