NON-FERROUS METALS PLANT was founded in 1950. Three years later were put into operation the repair-mechanical, instrumental, metal-boiler, cast iron, electrical power facilities of the work. December 18, 1954 the first brass bar was casted in induction furnace. January 15, 1955 on 1000-ton hydraulic press was pressed first brass rods. September 27, 1957 by rolling the first three bars on the hot rolling mill DUO-800 began the work of a rolling mill.


In an extremely short period of time on the instructions of the Council of Ministers, the work implemented technology of producing copper-welded air tuyeres for blast furnaces and recovery wear parts and the working tool by automatic welding. Since September 1960, tuyeres made in welding department of our factory supplied all the works of the metallurgical complex of Ukraine and many Soviet republics. In autumn 1959 it was the first participation in an International Fair in Marseille (France). A year later, the work`s products were presented at the World Fair in India. Later on the work participated in many exhibitions at various levels.


1994 opened shop for the production of sanitary fittings, developed the production of faucets and towel

1995 constructed continuous shaft furnace SCR-2000 «Southwire»

2002 constructed fire copper refining furnace «Properzi», developed the technology of copper ingots, copper wire rod from copper scrap

2004 Created wire manufacturing

2005 Created cast tubes and rods manufacturing

2009 Started complex of copper pipes production, developed production of copper water tubes, tubes for general usage in ordered spiral winding

2011 Carried out modernization of existing equipment, aimed at increasing the production of copper air-conditioning pipes