LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "NON-FERROUS METALS PLANT" is a leading metallurgical company in Ukraine and one of the largest producers of non-ferrous metal products in the CIS and abroad.

Currently, the plant produces more than 1000 products from 100 metal grades from copper, nickel, and zinc . ZCM non-ferrous metal products have high reputation and recognition from our partners.

ZCM today - it's powerful production and technical complex with a unique modern equipment, the latest advanced technology and highly qualified personnel. We were the first to obtain Quality System Management Certificate and since 1994 is a part of The International List of Non-ferrous Products Manufactures.

Management of the works and its scientific and technical personnel pay constant attention to the modernization of the enterprise, based upon research of leading specialists of the National Academy of Sciences, industrial and marketing researches and the achievements of international companies. Established and successfully developed the scientific, technical cooperation with leading metallurgical works. The implementation advanced technology of refining copper make ZCM unique and attractive for investors now.

An example of effective modernization of the company is launching the production of copper pipes for conditioning systems . The high quality equipment allows to produce air conditioning, water and refrigeration equipment pipes, in coil with layerwise and spiral winding, which corresponds to international standards.

We constantly working on improving the technical level of products and its compliance with the modern international standards. In 2008 for the development and implementation of new methods and technologies for physical and chemical treatment, flood of copper and its alloys, the team of technical specialists of the work received National State Award from President of Ukraine.

Clear vision of further development of the plant, advanced production technology, working with national and regional authorities are the key to a successful and dynamic development of the company and gain a worthy place in the world market.

The trademark "ZCM" - a symbol of success in domestic and foreign markets.

We're always open to new cooperation to enhance your profitability!

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